Business Law

Each year, state and federal legislatures enact additional law and regulations governing the conducting of business in California and across the countty. And each year, business transactions, business formation and the creation and enforcement of business contracts become more difficult and involve more risk.

Our office provides legal counsel and transactional legal services to small- and medium-size businesses, contractors and subcontractors throughout Butte County. We work with dozens of businesses on an ongoing basis on a broad range of business law areas and situations.

Our office can help your business in a range of business and commercial law areas and challenges, including:

  • Employment law
  • Tax questions and strategies
  • The review, drafting and enforcement of contracts, including buy/sell agreements, construction contracts and operating agreements
  • Start up and business formation, including LLC, family limited partnership, C-corporation and S-corporation formation
  • Business strategy
  • Land acquisition and lease negotiations
  • Land use and zoning negotiations
  • Business litigation, including commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Corporate law
  • Stop notices and preliminary notices

We can help your business in a broad range of matters. We can ensure that your contracts with vendors protect your interest. We can assist in OSHA compliance. And we can work to maximize your tax advantages, separate your personal taxes from your business taxes and create a comprehensive business plan.

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