Estate Planning

Many people avoid estate planning as an unnecessary or easy-to-put-off expense, while others are unenthusiastic about planning for death and incapacity.

The fact is, however, that estate planning is:

  1. Simple for most clients.One or two meetings with an attorney are usually enough to create an adequate estate plan. Most of the work will be completed by your attorney.
  2. Affordable. Several hundred dollars worth of legal fees can provide for the protection of millions of dollars in assets.
  3. Necessary. While it can be tempting to delay estate planning, our eventual demise is assured, as is an agonizing decision for our family if we become incapacitated and do not provide guidance through an advance health care directive. If you have not yet arranged for the planning of your estate, contact the Law Office of Maximilian G. Barteau.

We offer a full range of estate planning legal services, including:
  • Trusts
  • Conservatorships
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills and advance health care directives
  • Asset preservation plan
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Succession transfer strategies
  • Guardianships Assistance in considering and managing estate tax implications
  • Complex and simple wills

The emotional pain and financial loss that result from not thoroughly planning your estate can be extraordinary. Our office can create trusts so that your assets pass directly to your beneficiaries without the delay and expense of probate, create clear and comprehensive wills so that beneficiaries can divide property peacefully and help you with a range of issues, including protecting jointly owned property and children from previous marriages in your asset disbursement.

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