Commercial and residential landlords face many challenges. Rising property taxes, a difficult borrowing and credit environment and regular property maintenance and repair expenses can make for a difficult environment. Destructive tenants can cause unexpected and costly damage. And the process of forcibly removing non-paying tenants from your property requires following numerous steps that need to be properly followed in order to be legal and effective.

Our office is experienced in resolving a full range of landlord/tenant, lease and real estate legal services to commercial and residential landlords and business owners.

Help in Economically Protecting Your Interests in Landlord/Tenant Disputes.

We work with owners of single-family, condominium and townhouse rental property, as well as commercial property in Butte County. Our clients include owners of apartment buildings, mini malls, and large industrial and retail properties. We can solve a broad variety of legal problems involving landlord/tenant legal issues, including:

  • Evictions and unlawful detainers. We can file for payment default, attend the eviction hearing and create the writ to the sheriff. Errors in eviction processes and deadlines can add weeks to the eviction process.
  • Litigate and negotiate regarding damage to property.
  • Draft and review lease agreements.

If you face landlord/tenant issues and disputes, do not wait to address legal concerns. Often, your position is weakened by the time a tenant files suit. By contacting us now, you can begin to resolve your legal matter and protect your investment and your bottom line.

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