Managing a nonprofit organization involves working with a vast and intricate body of law. The laws related to nonprofit organizations hold these organizations responsible for the protection of donors, employees and the recipients of nonprofit goods and services. At the same time, nonprofit law also offers many advantages to nonprofit organizations.

If you are forming a nonprofit organization or manage or represent an already existing nonprofit organization, do not risk missing out on valuable legal opportunities, or inadvertently make legal errors that can be costly and bring serious credibility issues. Instead, contact our office for experienced nonprofit law counsel, representation and assistance. Mr. Barteau has worked with non-profit organizations in some capacity for many years. He volunteers with many nonprofit organizations and boards, including the Paradise Ridge Youth Soccer Club, Paradise Performing Arts Center, Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, and Paradise Youth Sports and Family Center (Paradise Community Village project). This experience helps inform his current practice and assist the nonprofit organizations he represents.

Helping Nonprofit Organizations in Northern California

Nonprofit organizations often begin with a dream and limited funds. Later, after successful growth, organizations can benefit from a review of legal practices. Whether you are considering starting a nonprofit organization, represent a mature organization or represent an organization in the growing-pains stage of formation and growth, we can help address legal issues including:

  • Insurance questions
  • Directorship conflicts
  • Nonprofit formation
  • 501(c)(3) status and dissolution
  • State and federal law questions and violations
  • Property acquisitions
  • Property tax exemptions
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) issues and disputes with the IRS Employment tax issues, volunteer issues and contractor disputes
  • Bylaw and articles of incorporation questions
  • Business planning, resource allocation and strategy counsel

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