Fear of the probate process is common. Any court system can be confusing and intimidating, and the added anxiety of expense, delay and family conflict at an already painful time can increase worries. At our office, we are skilled, experienced, and diligent in solving probate problems affordably and quickly and in minimizing conflict through the effective mediation of family disagreements.

The probate process does not have to be expensive, prolonged or divisive for families: Probate fees in California are set by state statute.

Further, we use technology and efficiency to keep our incidental costs low so that each estate is passed to its beneficiaries at minimum cost.

The probate process can be greatly hastened by an experienced probate attorney who has handled dozens of estates. We are committed to identifying assets, paying debts and disbursing assets as quickly as possible.

Family disagreement during probate is very common. We are skilled in successfully negotiating compromises, handling probate litigation and enforcing wills' provisions, minimizing discord and infighting. Experienced and Compassionate Probate Law Legal Services. We are experienced in handling simple and complex estates as well as small and large estates.

We use forensic accountants when necessary to accurately and efficiently pay debts to creditors, inventory assets, sell assets and transfer remaining assets to beneficiaries. We can also resolve probate issues that involve complex financial instruments like royalties, 401(k) accounts and jointly owned property, and property held solely or jointly in other states.

Probate does not have to be as difficult as you may have heard, and we are dedicated to making it simple and easy for you as you deal with your loss.

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