Practice Areas

The Law Office of Maximilian G. Barteau provides a range of legal services to the Paradise, California, area.
We are skilled in solving immediate legal problems and in helping individuals and organizations plan and strategize to avoid legal problems, lower or avoid taxes, minimize the probate process and conduct business planning and strategizing.
Our practice areas include:

  • Real estate law, including land acquisition, lease negotiations, quiet title actions, title issues, easements, foreclosures, litigation, mortgage problems, land use and zoning issues, and contracts and agreements.
  • Estate planning, including trusts, conservatorships, powers of attorney, living wills and advance health care directives, asset preservation, succession transfers, guardianships, wills and estate taxes.
  • Probate, including paying debts, inventorying assets, selling assets and transferring remaining assets to beneficiaries.
  • Business and commercial law, including the review, drafting and enforcement of contracts, start up and business formation, franchise law, business strategy, land acquisition, lease negotiations, land use and zoning negotiations, litigation, corporate law, and assisting contractors with stop notices and preliminary notices.
  • Contracts, including commercial lease agreements, real estate and real property agreements, equipment leases, purchase agreements and buy/sell agreements.
  • Employment law, as we provide legal defense services, draft and review employment contracts and provide in-house training regarding employment law compliance.
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, including filing evictions and unlawful detainers, drafting and reviewing lease agreements, and litigating disputes.
  • Tax law, including personal tax, business tax, employment tax and income tax questions.
  • Nonprofit organizations, including state and federal law questions and issues relating to insurance, directorships, formation, property acquisitions, Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), property tax exemptions, bylaws and articles of incorporation, business planning and resource allocation.

If you have questions regarding real estate, estate planning, probate, business law, employment law, landlord/tenant, tax or nonprofit law, contact the Law Office of Maximilian G. Barteau. We offer free initial consultations, charge affordable fees and can meet with you on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

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